Message from the President

03 March 2016


It is my pleasure to greet the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP), as you conduct the 4th MTAP National Conference on Mathematics Education.

Education reform remains one of our government’s key strategies for empowering our citizenry with opportunities to succeed in a global economy. The transition to a K-12 curriculum is a major step in this direction, and I am thankful for the support of our country’s educators, who are well aware of the challenges that this new system aims to address and – more importantly – see our goals bear fruit. I am confident that this conference will generate a dynamic exchange of ideas and best practices that will redound to our students’ improved comprehension and practical application of mathematics.

Rest assured, our government remains committed to evaluating the profession of teaching. With the support and solidarity of all sectors, including our youth, I am confident that our country can reach even greater heights and achieve our shared aspirations of a just and equitably progressive society 


25 April 2012 

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